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Gary Numan

Big Noise Transmission DVD [PAL]

DVD $25.99

Release Date: 20/08/2012

Discs: 1

Recorded at the HMV Ritz, Manchester in December 2011, 'Big Noise Transmission' captures the power, intensity and experimental textures of Gary Numan's recent critically-acclaimed Dead Son Rising album. The stage is blitzed with light - strobes being used like weapons for the set's biggest anthems. At other times, everything fades, almost to blackout, with the viewer sucked into the darkness for a few moments before the heavy light-assault explodes into life again. Then cut to the images on the screen as each track is illustrated with slogans, graphics and burnt-out, degraded films. Dead Son Rising was a very special tour and Big Noise Transmission is a fantastic document of one of the artist's finest shows.