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Gary Numan

Replicas Live (Store Exclusive)

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Release Date: 08/04/2009

Discs: 2

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Replicas was his first number 1 album. This Replicas Live DVD was filmed on the night of his 50th birthday at the Manchester Academy and so was THE show of the tour to have a ticket for. It was an amazing night. The CD contains every song played that night including the three encore, non Replicas, songs: Cars, Everyday I Die and A Prayer For The Unborn.

Disc 1
1. Replicas
2. Me, I Disconnect From You
3. Do You Need The Service
4. Praying To The Aliens
5. We Have A Technical
6. I Nearly Married A Human
7. Down In The Park
8. The Crazies
9. When The Machines Rock
Disc 2
1. Only A Downstat
2. The Machman
3. It Must Have Been Years
4. We Are So Fragile
5. You Are In My Vision
6. Are 'Friends' Electric?
7. Cars
8. Everyday I Die
9. A Prayer For The Unborn