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Gary Numan

The Complete John Peel Sessions CD Album

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Release Date: 07/05/2007

Discs: 1

Part of a comprehensive reissue program of classic sessions recorded for the late Radio One DJ John Peel, most of which haven't been heard since their original transmissions, Gary Numan's THE COMPLETE JOHN PEEL SESSIONS captures the pioneering synth-rocker at the height of his creativity and his commercial apex. These four sessions were all recorded for broadcast in 1979, soon after Numan had disbanded his post-punk band, Tubeway Army, for a chilly solo career as a one-man synthesizer army. All the key songs from the albums REPLICAS and THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE are here: "Down in the Park" and "Cars" each show up in two different versions. Slightly rougher and looser than the more polished studio sessions, these quickly recorded versions sound a bit closer to the scruffy Tubeway Army sound.

Disc 1
1. Me I Disconnect From You
2. Down In The Park
3. I Nearly Married A Human
4. Cars
5. Airlane
6. Films
7. Conversation
8. RIP
9. Metal
10. Pure
11. My Jesus
12. Cars
13. Listen To My Voice
14. I Can't Breathe
15. Down In The Park
16. Prayer For The Unborn