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Gary Numan

Orchestra Tour VIP Rehearsal Ticket (Band Only)

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Gary will be rehearsing for his UK Orchestral Tour on November 7th, 8th and 9th at a Manchester rehearsal studio. A limited number of Rehearsal VIP passes for those three days are now available. 


You will go fully behind the scenes and gain exclusive access to the band only rehearsals for these unique forthcoming shows and be able to watch everything, every note played, every discussion that takes place, as the band work to master the new set of songs Gary has chosen for this special tour.


You will get to hang out with Gary and the band for an informal, relaxed (hopefully), but noisy look at how the new set is put together.


For these rehearsals you will be invited to sit in for a four hour session. You are welcome to talk to Gary and the band at the end of the session, although he often chats to fans throughout their time there, it really is very laid back, friendly and informal. Gary and the band will also be happy to sign some things at the end.


You are welcome to take photographs but no filming please. Strictly photographs only.


PLEASE NOTE: Rehearsal dates are November 7th, 8th and 9th. The rehearsal room will be in the Manchester M13 area but you will receive an email closer to the date with the exact rehearsal location and time to arrive. 


PLEASE NOTE ALSO. These rehearsals are NOT with the orchestra, they are to prepare the band for the orchestral rehearsals that follow. The rehearsals with the orchestra will be private.


Price £240 plus booking fee.